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The Need for Zimbabwe Right Now. . .

     So many Zimbabweans today are wandering aimlessly and have no hope for the future.  The World Health Organization has now defined the life expectancy for women in Zimbabwe to be 34 years and men 37 years.  This is currently the lowest in the world.  Zimbabweans have been victims of a crumbling economy, a corrupt government, the rampant spreading of AIDS, 80% unemployment, and moral collapse on several levels. 

     The state of the country can be completely overwhelming and seemingly hopeless.  However, we believe that Zimbabwe can be turned around by starting with one person at a time.  Each individual must personally turn from evil and become committed to a life of respect and honesty.  This is only possible with the help of Christ.  Christ offers peace, fulfillment, love and hope for the future.  The absolute only hope for Zimbabwe is Christ’s transformation of the individuals that make up this country.

****Committing one's life to Christ is the first and essential step.*** After that each believer needs Christian connections to maintain hope and opportunities to develop skills to live like Christ.  Lasting Impressions would like to help people not only make the important commitment to Christ but also:


1.   Empower them to become the future leaders of Zimbabwe who will challenge others to accomplish great things and become people of integrity.

2.   Help them see how their personal life choices affect themselves, their family and their community.

3.   Provide them with information to care for God’s creation and improve the environment rather than desecrate it.

Our Vision for the Future

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