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Our Mission 


 We aim to make a positive impact on the hearts and minds of the people of Zimbabwe through educational camps, inspirational retreats & community events in a picturesque setting.



Our Core Values

  • Affirming, caring and accepting all guests - The primary lasting impression that we want each guest to experience is that they are uniquely loved and valued by God and by our staff. We invite children/youth and adults from different backgrounds, different socio-economic classes and different mental or physical abilities. We believe that when people feel valued they are open to growth.

  • Transformational  Learning Opportunities- We aim to add value to all guests through our educational courses, specialized retreats and simply by hosting events with excellence.  Providing consistent, reliable service creates an environment conducive for transformation and refreshment.

  • Investing in our staff for their continued effectiveness - We feel that quality leaders are the key to an effective program. We commit to encouragement and ongoing training in the areas of spiritual growth, skill development and effective communication.  When our staff are well equipped, it benefits our clients.

  • Having lots of Fun! - If the guests enjoy their time, they will recall what they've learned and will be more apt to return with friends.

Our Mission & Core Values

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