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Our camps are tailor made to fit the needs of our campers. Camp activities may change based on the needs of our campers or environmental factors

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Environmental Camp

Best suited for Grades 4-6

Designed to teach campers about Zimbabwe's heritage and the best ways to sustainably live within or around the environment

Senior Leadership Camp

Best suited for Upper & Lower 6

Designed to impact students through value forming experiences that promote increased personal confidence, interpersonal communication skills and mutual support within a group setting

Junior Leadership Camp

Best suited for Third term Grade 6 and Grade 7

Intends to introduce students to leadership founded on servant leadership principles, while redirecting focus to an understanding that leadership is not age defined

Life Skills Camp

Best suited for Form 1-4

Development of important life skills for the working world, and how to deal with adolescence and peer-pressure

Adventure Camp

Best suited for Form 1-4

An immersive camp that encourages campers to explore the natural world and environment around them

Corporate Team Building

Provides an experience in a relaxed environment aimed at creating a more functional team which increases productivity and results in the formation of a culture that is essential for sustainable corporate growth

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