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The Lasting Impressions Logo was carefully and creatively put together by a graphic artist by the name of Jerry Jamison. We wanted it to represent the different types of camps we do as well as represent Zimbabwe and our Christian foundation.

The two colors on the face represent the fact that we deal with a variety of racial and ethnic groups. The four symbols around the face represent God's creation but they also represent the dove of peace, the sable which is one of Zimbabwe's most exquisite antelopes, the fish is another Christian symbol but also that we are God's fisher's of men (or kids), and the final symbol represents the crown of thorns reminding us of God's sacrifice and love for us.

We also wanted the light and dark to represent our aim to bring light and hope to people that are in darkness and despair. We also like it because it is consistent with the artistic expression of the Zimbabwean people.

The Lasting Impressions Logo

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