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“A vision is a picture of a future state for the organization, a description of what it would like to be in a number of years from now.  It is a dynamic picture of the organization in the future, as seen by its leadership.  It is more than a dream or set of hopes, because top management is demonstrably committed to its realization: it is a commitment.” 

- Richard and Wendy Beckhardt

     We at Lasting Impressions believe that when individuals are taken out of their comfort zones and into the outdoors this creates an opportunity to explore new heights of learning.  Our facilities have been creatively developed along with exciting programming to encourage participants to develop leadership, life skills, environmental awareness, community development and business skills.  Our programmes and various components of experiential learning and self-discovery take place in a safe, controlled environment.  We have found that a strong work ethic, building integrity, being creative, and having fun all help to build community and group dynamics, thus tapping into the immense potential of individuals, bringing out their best. 

Our Vision

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