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Lasting Impressions Camp and Retreat Center is celebrating over 25 years of service to thousands of Zimbabweans.  Schools, churches and businesses have been impacted through educational courses, retreats, team building and community development initiatives.  The organization started with the focus of training the youth of Zimbabwe in areas of leadership, environmental education and life skills.  The focus on youth continues to be of utmost importance, but the organization has grown to include so much more.


It has been a joy to see so many guests come to Lasting Impressions and be inspired to take on new challenges, learn valuable skills, and gain confidence.  We have enjoyed hosting weddings, Global Leadership summits and training seminars.  The greatest compliment we receive is that people have learned to dream again at Lasting Impressions.  We continue to develop a facility of excellence that will bring hope and refreshment to all who come.  



The History of Lasting Impressions

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