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Join us as we pray for our camp, our city, our country and the world.


Please pray for the pandemic & the growing poverty it's leading to; the drought throughout the country killing crops; families quarantined together and the stress of lockdown.



Declarations Over Zimbabwe​


  • We declare HOPE and LIFE to be released into this nation, bringing restoration of all that has been stolen and lost.

  • We declare FORGIVENESS and REPENTANCE over this nation.

  • We release KINGDOM minded leaders to rise up.

  • We declare a release of PROVISION to revive our economy.

  • We release PURITY over this nation.

  • We release the PEACE OF GOD to cover this land.

  • We declare that Zimbabwe is a GENEROUS nation.

  • The Church of Zimbabwe is POWERFUL, rooted in Jesus and walking in the truth of His Word through unconditional love.

  • We are a generation that releases the HEALING POWER of God everywhere we go.

  • We stand in the JUSTICE and RIGHTEOUSNESS of heaven and shift the atmosphere of Zimbabwe for God's glory.

  • We declare rivers in the desert, flowing with life, bringing a kingdom INFLUENCE throughout our land.

  • We declare a shift in our education system through which our youth will represent the Kingdom of Heaven in purity, passion and power. 

  • We declare loving homes with kingdom mothers and fathers for Zimbabwe orphans.

  • Zimbabwe will once again be the BREAD BASKET OF AFRICA.

  • The marriages and families of this country are HEALTHY and LIVE GIVING.

  • We are a people who understand our identity that comes from knowing God personally...

Prayer Requests

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